1. Quit You

I don’t think I could quit you

Unless it was for show

If you give me opportunity

They will never ever know


Cause I’m your crutch

Yes I’m your vice

A bad habit that you form

With any luck

We’ll be alright

But together we are forlorn

Yes you have been fair warned




Well you know that you can’t quit me

It’s decidedly so, so please pick quickly

No choice to choose no points to lose

You took the cue and then you blew past two

I don’t like the clothes you wear

The way you smile how you style your hair

Yes yes yes

It doesn’t match us sophisticated folks

It makes you feel classless like a savage little bloke

But look at her she’s so gorgeous

She out of your league runner she build a fortress

Keep you under siege gunner,

cuz under the covers she so undercover lover

Makes you feel nauseous to bleed for your hunger

But quittings not cautious for me any longer


I don’t think I could quit you

Unless it was for show

If you give me opportunity

They will never ever know



2. Good Enough

Maybe I’ll see you at the movies

We can watch some shit blow up

Maybe I’ll take you out dancing

I don’t think that you could keep up

What if we got married

You don’t ever want the kids

We could rule the suburbs

Just like our parents did


And she sings so sweet

Such a pretty melody

Now bluebirds don’t you tweet

You’re gonna get the very best of me

And all my words go unheard

And it feels so absurd

But maybe it’s good enough for me


We can watch some shit blow up


Maybe we’ll get a german shepherd

I don’t wanna clean the pee

Maybe we could sing together

But you’re gonna sing off key

What if we just traveled

I don’t ever like to fly

How about take out from Sbarro

I don’t really wanna decide



3. Motions

Been going through the motions

It’s very plain

For anyone to see

That all of these crazy commotions

Get the very best of me

I’m stuck in the city yes i am

But I’m wandering far here i am

Been working on my ending

Before the beginning even starts


Woah I’ve been working too hard

I’ve been living too late

I don’t know how to stop


First type of love

Some type of novel shit

I don’t know if i could get out of it yeah

I wanna leave you girl

Maybe i’ll see you girl

But we got nothing left to say





4. Curious Man

Ah Ladies

I’m a ladies man

I dibble and dabble across the whole land

When walking down the street you know who i am

But I could just be looking for a good looking man

Who’s got nice shoes

Shoulders i like

A face full of grace and those blue blue eyes

I’m not saying i did

I’m just saying i might

Cause Katy kissed a girl and it was perfectly alright


If you’re such a man

Why give a damn

I’m a curious man

Curious man




Now fellas

You must understand

There’s lots of perfect 10s out there

who wanna hold my hand

All these females fans

Always screaming when i dance

Just ask anyone and they will give you the same anSIR

I need to interject

I’m attracted to beautiful people regardless of sex

You should try both sides before you reject

Man I don’t know why so many people still object







Listen to me

We’ve got to learn to live more curiously

The birds and the bees

Hanging up in the trees

Allowed to be together with whomever they please, Sir

I need to interject

Im attracted to beautiful people regardless of sex

It might not be your type but its just what is right

Cause Katy kissed a girl and it was perfectly alright



5. Hey Banana

I know you’re feeling so down

Ya just need a little pep to your step

Baby, i need to get away from here

Oh girl can we just get it down


Hey Banana

Shes got a look in her eye that’s turning me

Hey banana

you got a look in your eye


Right, now was it Elena, Miranda, or Savannah?

I met her in Atlanta maybe south Louisiana

I was looking for a damsel in distress

To catch a sample

Like a record on a groove

I’m the needle with no handle whatever

No picking me up I collect lust

Like i collect words to whisper

Keep them between us

Knees buckle when i call you

Criminal and can I cuff you

Another crown apple in my lap means I trust you

Lemme peel some layers off you don’t flip

Just slip n slide dive n dip i never do

Then again I might

I shoulda took a second look

instead I take a bite right into the world

Before it’s ripe enough

Thats sour actually bitter sweet

Not sweet enough to leave cavities on my teeth

See it’s the pain of refrain that would keep you on my brain, but

Whats a banana when you really want a plantain?



Queue: The Mixtape

6. Tahoe

Pretty soon when i get out of bed

Won’t go back there in my head

have a cup and grab a smoke

The rituals that burn the most


Spend my morning showering

Wondering when life begins

Read the news and start the car

I’m pretty damn sure i won’t get far


Cause I’m leaving soon

Got two bags and ones from you

Moving time

Can’t go back and I’m next in line


Fill my boxes full of shit

So damn tired of being the bitch

My girly say she’s losing her mind

Never understood that life takes time


So I’m rushing in

Gotta take it on the chin if you want to win

Make your mind

I flipped a coin so i’ll be fine


All my friends

Like her better than me

Don’t waste your time

Saying goodbye to me

Cuz that’s fine by me



7. Better Left Unsaid

So much better


3 in the morning

Sick of recording

And you call me on the phone at home

What are the chances I’m picking up

Always hitting me up when you liquored up


I don’t know how much i had tonight,

But i think I’m in love

I don’t know how much i’ll have tonight

But i know it’s not enough


So much better


Come closer

Don’t delay

Feel it baby

In your legs

I’ll give over

If you do

Just tell me baby

You want me too


Lying here thinking to myself what to do cause I can’t resist

I seem to pander to everyone else and that’s so ridiculous

Spent too much time yeah running my mind to now be suddenly pissed

If i could just find a mysterious kind and tell them all of my secrets


Woah you and me inside

you and me inside


That shit don’t satisfy me

Late at night on the spotify stream

Think of the people and places i’ve seen

Know that there’s someone there better for me

Looking to stay looking to leave

Looking for someone that i could believe

Well I’m feeling astray feeling so incomplete

But I’m feeling the way that your looking at me


I fell in love with a blonde from philly

When i think about that shit it’s so silly

Friends with bens

Brunette from houston

It had to end she wanna get exclusive


So much better

Ooh i want you

But so much better to be

8. Got Soul

I’m so proud to beg

Give it up and what you say

Think it’s oh so so kind

I wanted yours but loose in time


Baby got soul

Got souls on her ceiling

Just tryna scrub em all out

My baby Got so many feelings

Just tryna feel them all out


She goes home

All alone

I pen a song and i give her a poem

Well it’s a drag

So very sad

When i play nice she gets so mad


When you get high, I get low

When you get low, I get high


You’ve been acting so strange i know it

Don’t know why i keep on through it

I’ve been given how much i got, but

Everyone knows its right, but

You’ve been thinkin you would call me

You know my girl looking motley

Baby i don’t think it’s wrong, but

I don’t want you to buy me

Oh my baby come on down, gonna

You been looking so a-frown, i

Just don’t want to now, but

I don’t know what i could be

I think it’s so

I think you got everything you’ve got my baby



9. Come Back Girl

I’ve been searching for a girl

Who’ll make me stop wondering

Up and down the world

And this time it’s genuine

What did you say

What did you do

When I went away

And then I said to you

Come back come back


Cause You’re my comeback girl

You’re my comeback girl


I call her wendy cause without her I’m lost

She gives me happy meals no matter the cost

Takes me to mickey ds every day

Burger king and I have it her way

We don’t got time for that fine wine and dine

Already been out of time, already said these lines

Keep coming around cause she hasn’t said leave

Whenever I look back well she’s always there to see me


Oh every single day

Gonna keep searching for you

Gonna come back to you


She came over

With a little written speech in her pocket

I was hungover

But luckily for me she doesn’t notice a bit

Not at all


Now baby just give me up

I’ll never cut it off

I’m no good at all




10. Morning Dues


I want to talk to you

Call you my lady

Only if that’s alright with you


And you’ll tell me theres a fine

If i want to call you mine


So I’ll pay

My morning dues


1. 17:35

Now I’m too young to die, not old enough to vote
next year you’re gonna choke from the cigarette smoke
got a diploma, cap and gown
gonna do your best not to make your dad frown
the next four years is of downin’ beers,
taking off braziers, doing drugs with peers
but it appears that you’re here for an internship
so you can get a “good job” and a house to split
now you’re twenty five, feeling alive
‘jive at a dive after your nine to five’
you got a girlfriend, she may have moved in
she said, “fuck the kitchen, i’m a career woman”
then one night after glasses of wine
you passed the band, you asked the line
you’ve turned thirty two, hate what you do
your marriage ain’t stale, but it sure ain’t new

seventeen to thirty five
heavenly dreams of youth tonight

i used to think i needed
some type of life like that
let my neighbors hear me with a gatsby type of laugh
i could take the cake and slice the pie in half
and no one would ever question why
except for dear old i
the only trouble is with that life
it’s overly-prescribed, very trite
it’s the morphine or the knife before you die

seventeen to thirty five
heavenly dreams of youth tonight


3. Velvet Slide (ft. J.O.)

Already out of time…but I’m still here though
Sometimes… “What a wierdo”!

My time’s up, but I stole the mic
so it’s back to the rhymes and resisting the vices
cooking rice cuz I can’t break bread without dough
Get quicker, better. No Quicken Loans. Dissolving
Problems like a lozenge in alcohal
if you never look up never see the roof fall in / Rufilin
All the optimists tell me I’m a pessimist
All the pessimists tell me I’m an optimist
All the fake fucks tell me I’m the realist
when it comes to being real I still don’t give a shit,
Nut, piss, spit…any kind of entrails
See me with a bad cat, you know the details
If you’re burning up, I throw salt when I see snails
Sickening to some how I keep my ends well
when the city ends, well, then I’ll set sail
Send a postcard see you in hell. Get well soon.

velvet sky
way up high
down to die

Set sail, came back cuz I felt unwell
unrest upset unsexed unhealthy
as fuck and the drugs the doctor ordered ain’t helping
I popped a pill and the sky turned velvet
Hell or high water what if hell and high water
bloodrain fell cats and dogs that are bipolar
picture to help you figure why my city high as ayatollah
and below the sea level, we keep sinking lower
Right now, I’m at the bottom of a glass
Want to see a fee shake like the bottom of a stash (*weed bag, not mustache*)
Want to see the freeze frame in the moment so it lasts
But alas, I’m looking in my wallet and it laughs
I sigh “wise guy” I gotta get it together
Water on my face while I’m looking in the mirror
Fire in my eyes and it couldn’t be clearer
Dirty life I’m living and I’m loving every minute of it



4. Tucked In

i’m tucked in at parties
or should i say white tie events
these straps around my shoulders
keep my pants in suspense

my shirts tucked in

well my shirt was tucked in to my umbilical cord
as i popped out, melodies and the magical chords
into a quarter inch chord through my epiphone strap
micro korg, harmonies and an 808 clap
used to rap when I was younger in the back of the ford
wearing clothes i can afford, looking good as tom ford
fakin the makin or pickin’ the chicken so take in the tuckin’ in style
look in the mirror every once and a while

my shirt’s tucked in

5. Padiddle

let’s play some cards
let’s pass the time we won’t get far
when it gets dark
we can be superstars

well baby it’s about tonight with your people
baby just soul ride, don’t need a needle
baby just ride around, play padiddle
living in the moment, life is simple

cause i’m the doo hop skotcher
i got more swing than the rocker
i cook up emcees faster than a betty crocker
made more harmonies than hammerstein and rogers
can’t you see i’m more vintage than the brooklyn dodgers
and if you really want to boogie tonight
we can try to dougie, but the dougie ain’t right
so you try the twist, the twist feels right
the mashed potato, we can dance all night
i’m bringing it back for an encore
i’m drinking more wine than in concord
hip hop wasn’t made for the pimp and whore
and doo hop wasn’t made for the corner store
i’m bringing them together like the horse and the leather
by bringing something better you can be the trend-setter
i hope you take notes, grab your ink and your feather
two birds getting stoned, first time together

well baby it’s about tonight with your people
baby just soul ride, don’t need a needle
baby just ride around, play padiddle
living in the moment, life is simple

baby i got to go
i got to go


6. Cup

i should read more poetry
and i should read more novels
and if i did would you believe
i was aristotle?
i’m platonic for you
cause i was start to smarten up
and pour my thoughts into a cup
and just to feel you make a sound
i would start to drink it down
but i don’t read too much

it took me by surprise
the first time i could realize
that if i dripped one more drop
instantly my heart would stop

all i wanna do is call
hear you laugh, now baby that’s all
cozy up and watch tv
maybe if i’m lucky, a cup of tea
i know it’s against the rules
calling you would be too cruel
if you’re the jester then i’m the fool
baby i’ll see you when we’re done with school
and seven years from saturday
we’ll have lunch down at the frisco bay
maybe we’ll get married and maybe we’ll not
but it doesn’t really matter cause we gave it a shot
we’ll have beautiful kids with messy bibs
you can be the bread winner, i’ll bread the ribs
everyone will be happy
i, for one, will be happy

on the tip of your lips
i wish i could taste it
right now
i should read more poetry
i should read more novels
to fix my heart

7. Happy Birthday

i forgot your fucking birthday two years in a row
the first time it happened, didn’t want to watch porn alone
we were in different zip codes, called your cellular phone
you were sipping patron with candles already blown
of course you were pissed, shouted out “what the fuck is this?”
“it’s my birthday bitch, don’t be calling me horny and stupid”
shoulda dumped me then, signed me up for ok cupid
i don’t why but you kept me on the line to my surprise
and then that second time, we’d already broken up
shows how much i’d already fucked up
scrolling on my newsfeed, when all of a sudden you popped up
and your friends i’d seen when i visited you for a week,
showered your profile with keyboard smiles,
“i love you”s, and “haven’t seen you in a while”s
and a wave of denial hit, like a pile of bricks
all i could do was sit in a pool of my own bullshit
and all the lies i had equipped for a moment just like this
they weren’t of any help as I felt guilt settle into myself
we talked about love, we talked about divinity
if i could talk to you now, it’d be to get rid of me

i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore
i said i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore

i’ve written a thousand verses, I’ve slung a thousand curses
all of them sound like the same sermon at the same churches
same flow, same rhyme scheme, same ending line
same beginning and same subject every time
it’s a crime the way i design what’s mine
i make identical mistakes, never learn after the ninth fucking time
i make promises after i get high, i’ll never smoke again
and then two hours later, shrug it off, say, “i’ll just smoke with friends”
i’m a piece of shit, how the hell did you put up with it?
i made you feel ugly and ashamed yet said i was the victim to the game
looks like i’ve opened the same fucking vein
i hope i die in vain and that you forget my name
cause I’d say you’re beautiful, you’re so mesmerizing
but i need a trophy wife so this isn’t good timing
i’d say you’re perfect, and yes, you’re the only one
but i need to fuck a girl or two before i can put the ring on
and over and over, and on and on til everyone i’ve ever loved is gone
and all i have are my shitty songs
when compared to my vices, i’m just a witty pawn
so on this february 3rd, i’ll wish you a happy birthday
and i’ll be gone

i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore
i said i’m sorry
i can’t love you anymore

now baby, don’t be sad
i can’t love you
i won’t love you
i don’t love you


8. Look Around

i am a grand old wave
rippling off to sea
pieces of a puzzle
fitted just for me
but the people will always try
to disassemble your whole life
so i dot my “t”s and i cross my “i”s
just to dignify my rebel pride

if i

all my thoughts are a choice
all my feelings are employed
it’s a blue abyss
i cannot see but i can exist

look around

if you’re not, do not be
if it is, go to me
if it’s not, do not be
if i am, look at the me

look around


​​​​1. Hymn

When a piano stops playing
That’s when you will start praying to die

2. Stoop Life

Salutations are in order so without further ado 
my name is Slim Dean, it’s very nice to meet you
If you’re lonely and you got nothing to do
come on outside, sit down, and chill on the stoop
Everyone’s opinionated about the facts of life
there are no atheists when faced in front of a knife
You can never see your Shadow when you face the light
You never truly know yourself until you face the fight

This is Stoop Life

I got lost in my head today and I found what I thought,

A guy got lost in his head today and he found what he thought

​​​3. The Groove (ft. Josh Gotoy)

I don’t like my humor wet 
I fancy a coffee before bed 
Oh I’m home alone, speakers blown, dancing in my head 
Why do we choose to lie like we’re the dead?

Give me One 
Give me Two 
Then you know 
You got The Groove

She had me off reason for fact 
and if that pass, then snatch that, snitch ass nigga can’t get with that, and if a rich ass nigga can’t 
Ok so there was this lady I was dating and if I may say so
had me goin up and down, How I know I’m faithful
Evenings would come and the keys would be black
All of that, yeah I sat back, chillin with a knapsack 
Find me trippin over any woman with a fat ass 
get to that, he gon admit the facts, and we’re gonna get to that 
So bye bye
She gon come and holla
I ain’t got no money so I gotta grind for dollas 
See me on the scene trust me I be with my team 
Try to see the light of green 
if you with me Baby high five 
My dudes in the back 
probably gettin smacked 
I had said it already sunny run it back
I would never lose myself for money never that
Tell me gold for the soul be like cheddar whack

Give me One 
Give me Two 
Then you know 
You got The Groove

​​​4. Plato's Cave

Jeffrey’s mom made him get a job at 13
He’s been home schooled and trained for an american dream
His work habits are like rabbits when they fuck on routine
But then he thought a dirty thought that he couldn’t get clean
Jeffrey thought, i’m always told how and and what for
I work every single everyday and never explore
After that Jeffrey never went back to his store
All he does is smoke weed and ask his parents for more

It’s ok in plato’s cave
It’s ok in plato’s cave

Jenny’s not a bad girl, she never really was
She only liked guitars with fuzz cause her daddy got buzzed
And one time she heard thuds when she was six years of age
Her mom was on a business trip to the garden state
So she got out of bed to see what was the noise
Then she saw her daddy with a girl named Joy
If she never got up she could’ve changed her fate
Now she will always pick the person who will treat her like bait

Johnny just bought a diamond ring
For his girlfriend jenny who likes shiny things
And she’s not too smart, oh he’s not too cute
But Jenny likes Jeff and Jeff likes her too

It’s okay

5. The Front Page (ft. J.O.)

When looking at the Front Page of the internet
You can bet that i’ve Reddit and I’m quite upset
at all the people using their peepholes 
to talk about whats legal and who should be equal
They drop a nickel to the fickle politician 
and sees his decision turn into a mission
So this is my mission statement
your daily headlines are the ones that need saving
Get out of my business, I assure you it’s free
unlike those loans for a college degree
When at 18 I simply make nine-fifty 
baking bread at the bakery in New York City
It’s a pity hospitality has turned shitty
write Santorum: “Can I please call ya Ricky?”
Aww i’m sorry I’m a little bit picky
I didn’t start the fire so try to come bic me

When I was just a little boy, My mama took me by the hand, put 
on some dancin’ shoes, and told me…
Let’s get funky

Take the cable out of my neck I am done with the matrix
So far gone I don’t think anything could save us
Remember when we didn’t have cell phones to play with it?
Now it’s touch screens, smart phones, we don’t say shit
Face to face don’t matter with the book of faces
Satisfy your daily actions, stay complacent
Everyday the world around us slowly changes
You can’t believe in everything you read up in the papers
Front page lies
Tv lies, AM lies, FM lies
Turn on, tune in, shut down your mind
if you lose control try not to act surprised
Verse off the tongue, just rolls like Royce
I speak unique to teach and fill the void
At the end all that I can do is use my voice
It’s really up to you to move and make a choice
Now get funky…

Share and Exist

7. Wickedly Wise

To be wickedly wise is to be infinitely ignorant
and if others had not been so foolish would we be so different?
oh i wish my mind was a birds eye view 
So I could look down and see what to do

Infinitely Ignorant

What a World

8. Regards,

Oh these girls pass me by
Oh why oh why?…

Girls, do you understand?
I am not the dick or the asshole brand
I would take a stand, to hold your hand
but every time I try you pick another man
So girls would you like me to blow you off?
Take you out on a date and talk about jacking off?
eat my waffles with syrup when you have a bad cough
Never buy any condoms you ain’t worth being bought
Am i better this way?
More attractive? More adaptive? More alpha than a raptor
More sex than the morning after, More game than a master
I’ll make you say Oh My God more than a pastor
But truthfully I feel more alone than a bastard
Miserably I’m looking for a companion’s laughter
All I find are shallow girls getting plastered
Stealing my beating heart like it was napster

To cuddle is my favorite part of sex
You can bet it’s the best, better than ass or breast
I know it’s hard to test because you can’t detest
the person whose breath is breathing down the back of your neck
I know, let’s take it real slow
I’ll take ya t a show so we can get to know each other
and I can meet your mother that’s the way i wanna know another
Make you toast in bread with extra butter

Oh these girls pass me by
Oh why oh why?…

9. Loverman

I got your letter in the palm of my hand, oh yeah I do
I got your cheeks your sweet rosy cheeks on my, my fingertips
And the closer we get the farther it feels 
away from the world that feels so real
Is that too cliche for you?
Oh baby, baby I need your tenderness to get me through

Just give me all your love, and I will be fine, yeah I will
Just give me all your love, and I will be alright, oh darlin


Just give me all your love, and I will be fine, yeah I will
Just give me all your love, and I will be alright, oh darlin

11. Pardon My Insolence

If I don’t get out of here I will surely die

I live my whole life on a screen gazing helplessly
The nicotine pixels make me fiend viciously
the 21st century has bested me 
and my generation has arrested me
I eat a digital sandwich cause I’m watching my weight
My life is so frantic from possible status updates
Why do I scribe my life for people i don’t like? 
and subscribe to your vibe because I knew your brother Mike?
a Metropolis in the clouds sounds great from the crowds
But the mayor knows how life on the ground will be from now
a bleak and bland misrepresentation of a cold and contagious digital nation

If I don’t get out of here I will surely die…

12. Scrutinizing The Bland


Don’t think don’t look, don’t even feel
your mind will contort what’s solace and real
a walk in the park or sleeping entangled
well it all goes to shit when your mind is on the panel
It’s your enemy and its plentiful disease
sells confusion on the streets like a taxicab fee
so girl can you teach me how not to care?
cause I’ve tried to keep score and life ain’t fair
But remember that time that you taught to forget?
can you break it down for me on how not to regret?
cause I contemplate too much on sporadic misfortunes
like a kiss from you which sent nothing but desire in motion

Well you know how I am
Scrutinizing The Bland
I am lost without a plan
The world in the palm of my hands
but I can’t read between–

So we’ll talk and we’ll talk until the sky ain’t blue
but it won’t change the color of how I feel about you
and this whole time i’ve been thinking away
life isn’t black and it isn’t even grey
but I should stop thinking cause colors don’t have any meaning
Their only purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing
and if I’m on that train of thought then music can’t mean anything 
it’s just an emotional attachment to a stranger who sings
and my momma told me never ever to trust strangers
so why do I bequeath them with my deepest, darkest angers?
Why watch TV if its just cliff hangers?
well throw me off and watch and I’ll be happier than ever
but to you it’s just whatever, you’ll probably feel better
you’ll chuckle a few laughs merrily together
This next parts the header of my very next letter:
“all girls are cold and dry even if you get the wetter”

Well you know how I am
Scrutinizing The Bland
I am lost without a plan
The world in the palm of my hands
but I can’t read between the lines

13. What a World

Oh don’t you ask me to live in this carbon city no more
there’s no more smokes on the shelf or coffee at the corner store
Oh I still feel out of place
I have a different smile every time my feet hit the floor
arrange myself every morning because I feel out of sorts
Oh I could build cathedrals if I had my tools

I got lonely days and lonelier nights 
You got lonely days and lonelier nights
I got lonely days and lonelier nights
for the rest of my life

And what if we lived in some fifties snowflake lullaby?
and dreamt a dream that we never woke up
Oh could that be fine livin’ Cozy and Sublime
(you know it feels right)
You tricked me once you can trick me twice


What a World